Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Panda Licorice USA


Need I say more???

It all began when I entered an innocent giveaway sponsored by MommyBKnowsBest ( MommyB had a spectacular review on Panda Licorice. At the end of the review, was an amazing, CUTE basket filled with Panda Licorice. It was filled with various licorices like raspberry, my all time favorite black and creme filled black licorice. Made with all natural ingredients, REAL raspberry, NO artificial dyes, safe for vegans (except for the cremes)....this is a MUST HAVE snack for everyone of all ages.

After reading MommyB's review, I was completely intrigued. My husband and went out to venture to find some 'new snacks' in town. We happened to find some at our local Whatcom Food Community Co-op. We found the raspberry and black flavored but no cremes. I thought 'hmmmm', I am going to email the company and see where I can get them. Must to my surprise Panda Licorice offered to send me a sample of the cremes. Only a couple days later (another PRO to this company...FAST SHIPPING!!!) the cremes landed in my mailbox!!!

Well well....WOW!!! My husband claimed They are SO good!!!

To finish my 'Manic Monday' yesterday, I received an email from MommyBKnowsBest. With the best news EVER!!! I WON THE GIVEAWAY!!! In just days, I will be the proud mommy of a super cute Panda stuffy animal, perched in a basket....surrounded in devine luxury, tasty licorice treats for the family to enjoy. They are great for kids too.

Check out Panda Licorice USA at:

Follow them on Twitter too at: PandaLicoricaUSA They LOVE their followers. They have AWESOME customer service, FAST SHIPPING and even sent me a few 'get well wishes' on my Twitter when I got out of hospital from my gall bladder surgery. How cool is that!!!

Also, be sure to follow MommyBKnowsBest at for awesome giveaways and blog reviews. She is the sweetest mommy too!!!

You are missing out if you don't try Panda Licorice, try the store locater on Panda's website :)

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